Hand & Skin Sanitizer

  • 1.7oz. personal size (120 uses)
  • 7.1oz. carry around (500 uses)
  • 33.4 oz wall mounted dispenser (2400 uses)

A patented, Alcohol-Free, FDA Compliant, topical hand sanitizer that has been confirmed to reduce Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) in as little as 15 seconds. Fire Soaps™ Hand Sanitizer has been formulated for repeated use and since it is alcohol-free, it helps to retain the body’s natural protective skin oils. With the addition of skin conditioners and moisturizers, Fire Soaps™ Hand Sanitizer leaves skin moist and supple, not dry and flaky. Unlike alcohol-based products, this water-based product helps retain your body’s protective natural skin oils without leaving a sticky feeling. This reduces redness and chapping and aids in the prevention of bacterial infection. This no-drip, greaseless foam sanitizer, in laboratory testing, has been proven to exceed FDA standards for “Leave in Place” sanitizers with an efficacy rate that actually increases with each use. Since the Fire Soaps™ Hand Sanitizer is alcohol-free it is non-flammable – an enormous safety benefit in most EMS and Fire & Rescue settings.

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Hand & Skin Sanitizer


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