Haz Soak™

Our unique formula has a 96% success rate in decontaminating structural Bunker Gear at our facility. Haz Soak™ has been proven to effectively and safely remove many of the harsh contaminates that fire fighters frequently encounter. To be used on Outer Shells only. Not to be used with any Moisture Barriers nor Thermal Liners.

  • Extremely effective with petroleum based hazmat situations.
  • Since every hazmat situation is unique, we suggest contacting us if you need any guidance. You can contact us at service@firesoaps.com or you can speak to a Customer Service representative at 718.502.9577.
  • If there is a decontamination situation that you are unable or unwilling to handle, you can always ship your gear to our facility.
  • As a precaution it is recommended that safety glasses and protective gloves are worn when working with Haz Soak™.

Simply mix 1 gallon Haz Soak™ concentrate with 12 gallons warm water in a large container or sink. This is enough for two sets of gear. For one set of gear mix 1/2 gallon Haz Soak™ concentrate with 6 gallons warm water. As per NFPA 1851 Standard the temperature of the water should not exceed 105 F (40 C)

Soak for 4-12 hours depending upon the severity of the decontamination. Multiple soakings may be necessary for some contaminates.

After soaking, wash in your extractor using Fire Wash™. If necessary, brush lightly with a nylon brush before washing the gear in your extractor.

If necessary, repeat this process.
* To be used on Outer Shells only.

Useful Documents:

MSDS Sheets

User Kit
(Spray Bottle for Fire Spot, Spatula & Nylon Brush)

Haz Soak™


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